Low shoe Charly Marcelle Dark Grey

Low shoe Charly Marcelle Dark Grey


Dark grey
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Charly Marcelle low shoe by Hobo in dark grey, made in Europe

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Dark grey


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Hobo - German shoe brand with roots in the equestrian and fashion industry. Founded 35 years ago, the story began with a small hippie shop in Münster. Worker boots from Afghanistan were replaced by Portuguese ankle boots and the first own design was created. The "Hobo" brand was inspired during a road trip through America in the 80s. The variety of American boots and the influences of Native American culture characterised the collection. Today, Hobo is a German shoe brand that is represented in the equestrian and upmarket fashion sectors. The shoes are durable, are produced in Portugal under fair conditions and increasingly use natural and recycled materials. Hobo is characterised by a special quality in innovative and natural materials. From equestrian sports to upscale fashion, the brand offers versatile shoes that emphasise functionality and style. Hobo shoes are designed in Germany and mainly produced in Portugal, where high standards and craftsmanship play a central role. Social responsibility towards the employees in production is an important concern for the brand.
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