Booster was founded in 1976 by Irene and Pierre Montandon. Today, the Booster boutique is still a family business and is run successfully by the second generation of siblings Marlonne, Marina and Roc Montandon.

A must-do in Zurich's Niederdorf

Booster is located at its original site at Stüssihofstatt 6 in the heart of the best shopping district in Zurich's old town. The shop spans 250 square metres, with clothing on the ground floor and shoes and boots on the first floor.

About us

British street style

"It's just a great feeling when a young woman pulls up the collar of her new blouse and you can see how beautiful she feels."

The Montandons have always had a keen sense for trends and individuality - primarily in British fashion. They have also specialised in iconic styles from the 1920s to the 1990s.

Our brands

From biker boots to pumps

Booster, which has become famous for its large, exclusive selection of shoes and boots for men and women, has also been stocking innovative labels that do not use animal products in their production for years. The Montandon siblings make sure that the majority of their labels are produced in Europe.

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NEW! Secondhand Vintage Corner

Get your exclusive vintage piece to combine, as an accessory or as a collector's item. According to the motto renew and reduce: come by now and secure selected vintage pieces - new in the Booster Secondhand Vintage Corner!


Welcome to the Booster

Whether teddy bears, rockabillies, punks or mods - simply everyone who loves retro and vintage styles - everyone is welcome at Booster. Our favourite pieces are: Petticoats, 50's dresses, dungarees, bowler hats, top hats, parkas, bow ties, Harrington's, shirts, trousers, waistcoats, socks, sunglasses, beenies, frilly shirts, flared trousers and western shirts.

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