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Booster was founded in 1976 by Irene and Pierre Montandon and is a successful family business. Today, Booster is run with great passion by the next generation, siblings Marlonne, Marina and Roc Montandon. The boutique is still located at Stüssihofstatt 6, in a prime shopping location in the centre of Zurich's old town.

Booster has always specialised in the latest, predominantly British fashion as well as iconic styles from the 20s to the 90s. Booster is famous for its large selection of shoes and boots for men and women. Today, the Booster boutique covers a total area of 250m2: the ground floor is dedicated to clothing and the first floor to shoes and boots. 

Photos by Alexandre Gross, 1976


BOOSTER cult since 1976

A gem from the punk era, a relic from the Zurich movement of 1980, quite simply a legend: Founded in 1976 by Pierre and Irene Montandon, the clothes shop was once THE cult shop for teddy bears, and later also for punks and anything that felt young and non-conformist. As is often the (special) case in Zurich, different youth groups mingled here, which would have got into fights in larger cities such as Berlin or London.

It is admirable how Booster has managed to move with the times while remaining itself. On the surface, the boutique has always looked the same. Although the location has been slightly enlarged over the years by adding former back rooms to the boutique, it has never been radically changed. Why would it? Even the legendary "CBGB" in New York, perhaps the most famous club of the punk era, was largely left in its original state, although it now houses a fashion boutique. As a result, the Montandons, who are always very friendly - and suitably styled for the business - avoided falling for any misguided relaunch ideas, as often happens in similar cases.

In terms of details, however, the range moved with the times and later became a fashion address for techno culture. At the same time, Booster always retained certain classics, first and foremost English fashion not available anywhere else, including the pointed "Schlieffer" shoes (as the teddy bears are called in Zurich German), as well as the Bronx, Clarks and Doc Martens brands. The American work trousers Dickies and the brands Ben Sherman and Tiger of Sweden are constant favourites when it comes to clothing. In the meantime, three of the Montandons' four children - Marlonne, Marina and Roc - have taken over the business, although Pierre or Irene can still be found there from time to time - it's a family business. Just like in a picture book!

from: Zurich goes shopping, 2011


BOOSTER simply cool!

Tradition is a beautiful thing. If a shop in Zurich's Niederdorf district has been a hot insider tip for the unconventional for 35 years, then there must be something to it. Boutique Booster, opened in 1976. Pierre and Irene Montandon's recipe for success is subculture. They offer clothes for stylish underground people who want to look like they don't style themselves. You could almost think that the graffiti and countless stickers that adorn the entrance were deliberately added. But they are not. They are as authentic as the goods that the second generation of Montandon, Marlonne, Marina and Roc, offer today.

We are treated in an extremely friendly manner. The Montandons' styling is as unique as their range. Papa Pierre is also present - he wears chequered braces and Budapest shoes. Shoes have been the Montandons' core business from the very beginning. And they are still stacked in the shop window. Men on the left, women on the right. We find the range of the last 30 years combined, the pointed shoes of the teddies, the steel and bandage boots of the punks, the cowboy boots of the rockabillies and the creepers (with the 8 cm crumpled soles) in the leo look. The leopard pattern in the shop design is consistent throughout, just like the fiery red floor. The style of the clothes cannot be reduced to a single denominator; we find sailor costumes, shift dresses, Dickies work trousers, Amy Winehouse T-shirts from Fred Perry and a lot of hats à la Justin Timberlake. The men have an entire back room to themselves - Fred Perry, three-time Wimbledon champion, leads the way with his laurel logo. Plus lots of accessories such as wallets, belts and ties for men.

The second back room belongs to the ladies. Long live rockabilly! Petty coat dresses in sailor or Hawaiian style, matching stockings and petticoats. The pumps and ballerinas, spotted and mackerel, can be found on the upper floor, where the boss himself occasionally plays a Crazy Cavan LP on the old turntable. Somehow you just feel at home at Booster, whatever your age - it's the finest subculture tradition, united in Zurich to form a community. 

from: Zurich goes shopping, 2012