• Feb192024
    Loafers in autumn

    The loafer guide: tassel, penny or horsebit?

    A short intro to the types of loafers Loafers are a permanent fixture in the world of fashion. With their...

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  • Jan302024
    Caring for leather shoes with wax and a brush

    Caring for leather shoes: tips for long-lasting beauty

    Caring for leather shoes is not just a question of aesthetics, but above all of longevity and comfort. High-quality leather shoes...

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  • Nov302023

    British street style movements from the 60s to today

    British street styles have evolved greatly over the years and have influenced the world of fashion globally. From...

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  • Nov082023
    Booster Boutique Secondhand Vintage Corner

    New! Secondhand Vintage Dresses Corner

    Vintage dresses Get your exclusive vintage piece to combine, as an accessory or as a collector's item. According to the motto renew and...

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