New! Secondhand Vintage Dresses Corner

New! Secondhand Vintage Dresses Corner
8 November 2023 Marlonne & Marina
Booster Boutique Secondhand Vintage Corner

Vintage dresses

Get your exclusive vintage piece to mix and match, as an accessory or as a collector's item. According to the motto renew and reduce: Come by now and secure selected vintage pieces - new in the Booster Secondhand Vintage Corner at our Niederdorf store in Zurich!

Secondhand clothes

You can now find a wide range of second-hand clothes on the upper floor among our selection of shoes. Whether it's an 80's ski suit, snakeskin print flare trousers or simply a cool pair of sunglasses. Let us surprise you. We have fair prices and a constantly changing selection, so it's best to come by regularly to get the best pieces 😉